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First Hotel Europa Aalborg in Aalborg lets you bring your pet along to keep you company during your stay and is conveniently close to Gammeltorv just 0.6 km away, which is ideal for a walk. North Jutland Art Museum and Alborg Historical Museum are nearby museums and galleries well worth visiting.

Amenities in each room include Hair dryer, perfect for a relaxing stay. Each bathroom has the conveninece of 1 Guest toilet. For entertainment, the hotel provides Telephone in each guestroom.

The hotel has specific smoking locations for guests who wish to smoke. Parking your car is possible at this hotel with facilities available to guests with cars. First Hotel Europa Aalborg is 5.3 kilometres from Aalborg Airport for those arriving from afar.

The hotel has wifi internet access free of charge available to all guests. Rooms have internet access for your convenience.

Find out why 40 customers give First Hotel Europa Aalborg a positive 3.8 rating. See the review section for more details.
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First Hotel Europa Aalborg Reviews

4 Standard of room
3.5 Facilities
4 Quality of food
3.5 Service
3.5 Location
3.5 Value for Money
4.4/5GREGOR from Slovenia stayed in a Standard for 6 days. 

Hotel is very clean and well maintained, rooms are comfortable and have spacious bathrooms. At breakfast they offered a wide variety of food and drink, to meet any taste. During my stay I did not have much interaction with the hotel staff, except for check-in and check-out; they were professional, well spoken and happy to provide any information I needed, they have even been kind enough to mail postcards for me. Location of the hotel suites me, because it is in walking distance from my place of business. I will most likely choose this hotel, for my next business trip to Aalborg.

4/5 Standard of room

4/5 Facilities

4/5 Quality of food

5/5 Service

3/5 Location

5/5 Value for Money

3.8/5A Member from United Kingdom stayed in a Standard for 5 days. 

The lack of coffee and tea making facilities in the rooms let this hotel down

4/5 Standard of room

4/5 Facilities

0/5 Quality of food

4/5 Service

4/5 Location

4/5 Value for Money

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