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Pets are welcome at Hotel Ibis Muscat in Muscat, and if you are looking for a place for walks, Bandar Jissah may be a good option and is 25.2 kilometres away. Guests won’t have to go far for a meal as Sohar Restaurant and Istanboly Turkish Restaurant are close at hand.

Muscat-Seeb International Airport is 13.2 kilometres from Hotel Ibis Muscat for air travellers to take note of.

Wondering why Hotel Ibis Muscat gets a 1.6 from our customers? Read what they have to say in their 12 unbiased first-hand reviews.
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Hotel Ibis Muscat Reviews

2 Standard of room
1 Facilities
2 Quality of food
1 Service
3 Location
1 Value for Money
1.6/5fawzy from Saudi Arabia stayed in a Standard for 4 days. 

The services were not very good. No body carried my luggage and there was no room service.

2/5 Standard of room

1/5 Facilities

2/5 Quality of food

1/5 Service

3/5 Location

1/5 Value for Money

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