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Take in all Zaragoza has to offer with a reservation at Hotel Cesaraugusta and make sure to put Aljaferia on your list of places to visit as it is just 0.8 km away. There is ample chance to have a look at art and culture with Pablo Gargallo Museum and Zaragoza Museum, both of which are close to the hotel.

Air conditioning is provided for added comfort and for your convenience. En-suite bathrooms come complete with Bathroom, as well as other facilities. When staying in their rooms, guests will have Radio and Television for entertainment during their stay.

The hotel's fitness centre ensures you can keep to your exercise routine. The hotel has a parking area for guests who arrive with their own transport. Hotel Cesaraugusta has easy access to and from Zaragoza Airport, 9.6 km away.

Hotel Cesaraugusta has wifi access available for guests' use. Rooms come with internet should you require the service.

28 traveller reviews from our customers say Hotel Cesaraugusta fares well at a 3.8 out of 5 rating. Read more in the reviews.
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Hotel Cesaraugusta Reviews

4.5 Standard of room
4 Facilities
0 Quality of food
4 Service
3 Location
3.5 Value for Money
2.8/5A Member from United States stayed in a Standard for 6 days. 

We stayed 5 nights so it was a long stay. Some of the staff were very friendly and helpful, whereas others were not so helpful. The location is not the best but only about 5 min walk to the tram. We requested a no smoking room but were give smoking room. Fortunately, the room did not smell of smoke and was not a problem. Next time I would probably stay in a more historic area of the city, but would probably have to pay more to stay in the same quality of a hotel in those areas.

4/5 Standard of room

3/5 Facilities

0/5 Quality of food

3/5 Service

1/5 Location

3/5 Value for Money

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