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Take in all Kandy has to offer with a reservation at Kandy View Hotel and make sure to put Waldhaus kandy Restaurant on your list of places to visit as it is just 0.2 km away.

Part of the in-room comforts include Air conditioning, adding to the room's restful feel. The bathrooms in each guestroom have a Hot and cold running water, in addition to other facilities. Guests will find Satellite television available to them in their guestroom as an added bonus.

Book a treatment at the hotel's spa and enjoy an indulgent treatment. Massage services can be booked with a range of relaxation methods to choose from. Kandy has a public transport system and Kandy Railway Station‎ is the closest station to the hotel just 2.2 km away.

Internet connectivity comes with each guestroom as an additional convenience.

Kandy View Hotel scores a 3.5 based on 343 unbiased reviews from the internet community.
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