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Visit Lugano and enjoy all it has to offer, such as Ristorante Canvetto Federale and stay in a hotel that provides comfort and hospitality at ibis Lugano Paradiso. This hotel puts you in a good area for learning, history and the arts, as both Museum of Modern Art and Cantonal Art Museum are not far away.

In-room amenities include Hair dryer, making your stay even more comfortable. Free time in the guestrooms is enjoyable with Telephone, perfect for relaxing.

Smoking is not permitted within ibis Lugano Paradiso. Lugano-Paradiso Station is a short distance from the hotel making getting around simple. Straight line distance between ibis Lugano Paradiso and Lugano Airport, Switzerland is only 3.2 km.

ibis Lugano Paradiso ranks well with 12 unbiased HotelTravel.com customer reviews. This hotel ranks in with a 4.3 rating.
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